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On a budget but concerned about emergency preparedness?  



Colorado Mountain Man Survival specializes in disaster preparedness and survival supplies for both wilderness and urban settings. We provide pre built and custom Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags ,72 Hour kits, First Aid Kits, Long Term Food Supplies and individual supplies that can help sustain you until adequate help arrives.

Prepare yourself, be ready, be smart, and stay alive!

If you are shopping for a 72 Hour Survival Kit or Bug Out Bag but do not find exactly what you want, please email us as we can customize kits for you to suit your needs. Building a survival kit can be a difficult and time consuming process and many people have taken years to put a good kit together.  Let us help you and save you time and energy.  Check out our Custom Survival Kits for a really solid Bug Out Bag or let us help you build a kit that is right for you.  Custom kits require special attention and will take slightly longer to assemble, pack and ship.

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We ship standard using UPS Ground for larger packages and USPS for smaller packages.  Most food items will be shipped direct from the manufacturer to ensure you receive fresh product.

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